24h person on duty 20 - Copy +371 28311919 Harbor master +371 26400546 GPS: 57°23’38″N 21°32’01″E marina@ventspilsmarina.lv
PORT ENTRY: The port of Ventspils can be identified from a considerable distance by its church with a tall spire, located in the town centre on the S side of the river. A pilot watch tower, 20m high, stands close E of the root of the S breakwater. The Ventspils Marina offers 110m mooring length of pier at a depth of 3.6m. Tides are negligible, but the water level fluctuates with wind conditions and may differ by 0.3m above or below the mean. Currents in the river average 1 knot, increasing to 2 knots near the entrance. The current sets N or S along the coast in the port entrance, depending on the wind. It may attain rates of 3 to 4 knots.

The NW approach channel leads SE from Lighted Buoy B (57°28’.52N, 21°25’.91E) to the Ventspils Outer Harbour protected by two, N and S, breakwaters, and then into the Fishing Harbour and Marina located on the S side of the River Venta estuary. Another option is choosing Lighted Buoy A (57°26’.3N, 21°24.7E) which marks the seaward entrance of the W approach channel. Both approach channels are indicated by lighted ranges. The rear range light of the NW channel is displayed from a prominent framework tower, 35m high, standing 1.5 miles SE of the harbour entrance.

Photos: sailing

Use a coffee break to take a look at the wonderful pictures of how yachts are sailing. Pictures taken by Oskars Jura and Dzintra Jura.
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Ventspils Yacht Marina at night

Have you seen Ventspils Yacht Marina at night? Darkness of the night and lights of Marina makes Yacht Marina even more exciting! We welcome you to see the beautiful pictures of Ventspils Yacht Marina metamorphoses at night. Pictures taken by Oskars Jura.

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Painted cow`s sculpture is here!

On 9th of July at the Ventspils Yacht Marina was held opening of painted cow`s sculpture. Name of the cow- Breez. The event was held during Ventspils Sea Festival.

Sculpture ir received thanks to Vetspils City Council; name of the artist- Elvira Aznagulova.

Photo- Oskars Jura.

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