24h person on duty 20 - Copy +371 28311919 Harbor master +371 26400546 GPS: 57°23’38″N 21°32’01″E marina@ventspilsmarina.lv
PORT ENTRY: The port of Ventspils can be identified from a considerable distance by its church with a tall spire, located in the town centre on the S side of the river. A pilot watch tower, 20m high, stands close E of the root of the S breakwater. The Ventspils Marina offers 110m mooring length of pier at a depth of 3.6m. Tides are negligible, but the water level fluctuates with wind conditions and may differ by 0.3m above or below the mean. Currents in the river average 1 knot, increasing to 2 knots near the entrance. The current sets N or S along the coast in the port entrance, depending on the wind. It may attain rates of 3 to 4 knots.

The NW approach channel leads SE from Lighted Buoy B (57°28’.52N, 21°25’.91E) to the Ventspils Outer Harbour protected by two, N and S, breakwaters, and then into the Fishing Harbour and Marina located on the S side of the River Venta estuary. Another option is choosing Lighted Buoy A (57°26’.3N, 21°24.7E) which marks the seaward entrance of the W approach channel. Both approach channels are indicated by lighted ranges. The rear range light of the NW channel is displayed from a prominent framework tower, 35m high, standing 1.5 miles SE of the harbour entrance.

Future development of Ventspils Yacht Marina

Ventspils Yacht Marina season will resume only next year, but in the meantime we are actively working on the marina development vision. It is planned that after the reconstruction Marina will look like this:



Summary of the season of 2016

In September 2016, the season of the Ventspils Yacht Harbour ended, therefore we have to summarise the results of this season. The results are presented by the Manager of the Ventspils Yacht Harbour Reinis Ābele.

The key improvements implemented in the season of 2016
Continuing development started previously, in 2016 the Ventspils Yacht Harbour has improved the quality of services. The key improvements implemented in 2016 are as follows:
1. a café / bar was opened;
2. yacht mooring structures were installed;
3. the territory was closed for traffic ensuring safer public area;
4. the Internet connection of the Yacht Harbour was improved;
5. the tyres of the fishing vessels were moved allowing yachts to use the berths of the fishing vessels;
6. the reception area of persons on duty has been repaired.

The results of 2016 compared with the results of 2015
To assess the operations of the Yacht Harbour in 2016, the data have to be compared with the data of 2015. The table below provides the key results in the last two sailing seasons (to ensure correct comparison, data as at 1 September of both
seasons were used).


In 2016, the Yacht Harbour has grown significantly. The total number of yachts has increased by 12% that is a lot for one season. Another positive trend is the time spent at the Yacht Harbour, it shows the satisfaction of the guests of the Harbour with the quality of services. The more satisfied the guests are, the longer they stay at the Harbour.

Attendance of the Harbour by geographical criteria
“As to the geographical structure of the guests of the Harbour, in 2016, the Harbour was visited by yachts from 23 countries. The highest number of yachts still comes from Germany, however, in 2016, the number of yachts from Finland increased significantly. It can be explained by the attraction of the Finnish fleet that included the Ventspils Yacht Harbour in its route of regatta,” said the Manager of the Yacht Harbour Reinis Ābele.
The table below shows the countries from where the highest number of yachts has arrived. The number of yachts from Denmark has decreased significantly. It can be explained by the fact that the Danish fleet visited the Harbour in 2015 and took a different route in 2016.


“All in all we are satisfied with the results, however, there is always room for improvement, therefore we will work on increasing the visitation and popularity of the Harbour, as well as we plan to improve the infrastructure of the Yacht Harbour that we will inform about later,” said the Manager of the Yacht Harbour Reinis Ābele.

Information: The Ventspils Yacht Harbour is significant stop for yachts sailing in the Baltic Sea as the Harbour is located at a geographically convenient point between Klaipėda, Gotland, Saaremaa, Pāvilosta, Roja, Liepāja and Rīga.
The Ventspils Yacht Harbour provides 110m long yacht berth with the depth of 3.6m, providing space for 20 yachts. There is a 700m long ship berth in the territory that is used for yachts, if necessary. The Yacht Harbour takes up 1.8ha of the territory. The office building of the Yacht Harbour takes up 350m2 that includes shower and toilet facilities, sauna, office premises, as well as unoccupied premises for offices or other needs.

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The biggest sailing catamaran in the Baltics at the Ventspils Yacht Marina

During the Ventpils city celebration from 5 to 7 August the biggest sailing catamaran in the Baltics “Wild Cat” visited the Ventspils Yacht Marina.

The catamaran is equipped with the high class sailing equipment: Raymarine navigation devices, Harken tackle, sails and net by Quantum sails, Mastervolt generator and electrical system, Goiot hatches, Yanmar engines, ventilation with solar batteries, and hydraulic helm system. The hull is made of Divinycell Vinyl Ester sandwich that ensures the highest durability indices retaining light weight. According to the architect of the catamaran, it was designed to retain sailing ability also with severe hull damages. The catamaran is certified (CE) and fully equipped with Sea-Safe rescue equipment.

The sailing catamaran “Wild Cat” was built in Latvia. More information on the catamaran is available at the “Wild Cat” website: http://wildcatcatamaran.com/
Wild Cat1

Wild Cat2