24h person on duty 20 - Copy +371 28311919 Harbor master +371 26400546 GPS: 57°23’38″N 21°32’01″E marina@ventspilsmarina.lv

PORT ENTRY: The port of Ventspils can be identified from a considerable distance by its church with a tall spire, located in the town centre on the S side of the river. Currents in the river average 1 knot, increasing to 2 knots near the entrance. The current sets N or S along the coast in the port entrance, depending on the wind. The NW approach channel leads SE from Lighted Buoy B (57°28’.52N, 21°25’.91E) to the Ventspils Outer Harbour protected by two, N and S, breakwaters. Entering the harbour turn into the Fishing Harbour and Marina – it is located on the S (left) side of the River Venta. Ventspils Marina offers 110m mooring length of pier at a depth of 3.5m. Tides are negligible, but the water level fluctuates with wind conditions and may differ by 0.3m above or below the mean.

A box of beer for first five yachts!

Season is approaching fast!

And that means that we continue tradition established last year – the first five yachts which will arrive to Ventspils marina, will receive a box full of ‘’Piebalgas beer’’!

See you soon!